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Easy to use...quick installation...ideal for home or office.

  • Cordless phone system: Supports up to two separate phone lines
  • No additional wiring needed!  Uses regular analog phone lines.
  • Expandable system--up to 10 cordless handsets
  • Up to 20 private mailboxes:  Add users quickly and easily.
  • Music on hold
  • Caller ID
  • Hands-free headset compatible
  • Logs all inbound and outbound calls
  • Centralized communications: Combines voicemail, e-mail, faxes and memos
    into a personal mailbox.
  • Customizable greetings for each phone line
  • Call Options: Set up conference calls, transfer calls, or route to a private
    users' voice mail.

The CyberGenie is a multi-line, multi-user, expandable PC Cordless Phone System that uses your personal computer to manage all of your communications. It's like having your own personal assistant to handle calls, voice mails, faxes and e-mails. CyberGenie also easily recognizes your spoken commands through its unique sophisticated software,
giving you a whole new range of benefits right at your fingertips! It's ideal for small offices and home offices providing the flexibility and messaging capabilities found in more expensive business phone systems.

Who do you want to call? When the PC is on CyberGenie shines. A special button on
the handset initiates communication with the PC. CyberGenie begins by saying, "Who
would you like to call?". By saying the name of a CyberGenie user or a name in the
phone book (tagged for speech recognition) CyberGenie will dial. You can specify Betsy
at home or Betsy at work if there is more than one number. Or CyberGenie will read a list
of possible numbers before dialing. The user chooses the correct number by saying No
or Yes. The phone book can be edited only on the PC.

Genie can you hear me? Making calls isn't the only thing that CyberGenie does via
speech recognition. You can talk your way through the user accounts so you can set greetings forward or listen to messages. Voice and e-mail messages can be listened
to and managed. In addition to having your messages routed to the correct mailbox you
can be notified of new messages. CyberGenie will call the designated notification
number and tell you a message is waiting. And because CyberGenie is making the notification call you can listen to the new message make a new call by dialing by name (speech recognition) or review other messages much like you can do from the handset.

Did I say CyberGenie allows users to listen to e-mail? It sure does but that's not all!
One of CyberGenie's most intriguing features was its ability to integrate with MAPI. Once MAPI is configured e-mail messages downloaded via the MAPI spooler can be distributed
to CyberGenie mailboxes. Each user (20 maximum) can have a personal mailbox for
voice fax and e-mail messages. There can be a system mailbox that can act as an auto-attendant (to distribute calls to extensions). Faxes received on the PC can also be routed appropriately. This is the definition of unified messaging.

Setup installation and configuration The CyberGenie starter kit comes with a base
station a cordless handset and charger a set of user guides and software
(on a single CD). If you're into style you'll like CyberGenie. It has a curvaceous design
similar to the new generation of Ericsson cell phones (Cygnion spun off from Ericsson
in Dec. '99). The base station is equally sleek and connects to a PC via USB cable. Removable warning labels and clear instructions make setup and installation a breeze (less than 20 minutes).

Overall Summary: CyberGenie is a 2 line/10 handset/20 user PC-based 2.4 GHz digital cordless phone system. While the handset can make and receive calls without the PC
it is the PC that gives CyberGenie all the power. CyberGenie has a speech interface. It
offers unified messaging and can read e-mail messages and fax headers notify you
of new messages and allow for remote telephone-based access to your accounts
(settings voice mail e-mail faxes and voice dialing). Up to 20 users can be set up each
with a mailbox. And there is a system mailbox that can act as an auto-attendant
depending on how the 2 lines are set up. You can either direct incoming calls to the
user or to an auto-attendant.

System Features:

  • Up to 900 foot range outdoors, 150 foot indoors
  • Option to set business and non-business hours
  • Speech User Interface (SUI) allows you to check messages by speaking to the phone
  • Features can be accessed through your PC or from any telephone in the world
  • Supports MAPI Compliant Personal Information Managers (PIM's)
  • Remote Message Notification notifies you when voice mail, e-mail or faxes arrive
  • Allows a call to be put on hold and retrieved by any handset
  • Screen incoming calls and interact with all calls on your system
  • Option for each user to have their own mailbox for voice mail, e-mails and faxes
  • 2.4GHz Digital spread spectrum technology, same voice quality as regular phone
  • Download up to 100 contacts from your PC to your handset
  • 5 hours of talk time/72 hours of stand by time

Handset Features:

  • DG 200 Handset made for CyberGenie by Ericsson
  • Indicator light at top of handset
  • Volume controls on side
  • Handset display with two text lines and row of status icons
  • CG (CyberGenie) button centered under display for easy access to functions
  • Menu up/down buttons in center to navigate handset menus
  • Flash button at bottom for switching to call waiting calls
  • Clear button at bottom to clear display
  • Headset jack on side

Software Features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • MAPI compliant address book access
  • View detailed logs of all inbound and outbound calls

System Requirements:

  • Pentium 233 MHz CPU (300 MHz recommended)
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 60 MB available hard disk space (140 MB recommended)
  • Available USB port
  • CD-ROM drive for installing CyberGenie software
  • Mouse



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